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You own enough hammers to outfit a construction crew, so you really don’t need one more — except occasionally you might need a rubber mallet for an odd job. Instead of buying yet another hand tool, you might consider today’s featured Cheap-Ass Tool: the MalletHead.

The MalletHead turns your regular claw hammer into a rubber mallet — just slip one of three different density rubber heads over the head of the hammer. Use the soft red head for delicate jobs, the medium white head for woodworking, and the hard blue head for metals and stone.

Mallethead Coupon

The corporate site asks $10 plus $8 shipping and handling for a set of MalletHeads.  Harbor Freight offers a coupon (expiring August 23) that discounts a set of MalletHeads to $10 — but notice this isn’t really a deal, since $10 is the retail price.

MalletHead [Corporate Site]
MalletHead [Harbor Freight]


7 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: MalletHead

  1. just joe says:

    or you could buy a rubber crutch tip (black or white – white mars less) to stick on the tip of our hammer.
    Cheap, and you don’t have to buy three and lose two to just have one.

  2. Zathrus says:

    You realize that the three different tips are different densities/hardness, right?

    A crutch tip is probably a good substitute for the hard (blue) one though.

  3. Chris says:

    I dunno what sort of crutches you’re using, but all the crutch tips I’ve seen in the last few years have been pretty soft, probably comparable to what I imagine the red one is like. I suspect the blue one is more like a hard plastic, just not as breakable.

    Crutch tips make great tips for wooden walking sticks, too, by the way.


  4. melee says:

    That’s pretty clever, and I suppose the color coding is better than nothing, but it still requires you to memorize which is which. That’s fine if you use it a lot, but I won’t be, and since there’s no clear order of red, white, and blue, I’d end up squeezing them or something every time. Black, grey, and white would be better, and more intuitive, and better for the color-blind. But it would also require more than a few seconds of design work, which is probably more than one can expect from a Harbor Freight vendor.

  5. BJ Ladder says:

    Now that’s a cheap-ass tool.. i think i’m going to get one myself..

  6. vodid says:

    My local Harbor Freight has discontinued this item, and when I wrote to the email address listed on the Mallethead Corporate site, my mail was returned…their “mailbox quota has been exceeded”.

    It looks like a good idea that is possibly having business troubles.

  7. April Reeves says:

    I have visited the MalletHead website, and my e-mail to this website was also returned. I have done some checking into this product which claims to have a patent, but instead may be infringing on US patent rights of someone else to sell this product in the US. Maybe that is the why they are having buisness problems, maybe the Idea of this product was stolen.

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