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Dual Featherboard

A single featherboard is practically a necessity when routing a profile like a bull-nose, where you can’t correct the damage with another pass if the board lifts from the table. Two featherboards help keep the board tight against the fence and table, when making cuts like long dovetails. So, if you’re already buying two featherboards, why not buy a pair that also stack to make a wider featherboard for operations on tall boards?

Milescraft sells just such a a pair of featherboards. You can use ’em in tandem or in stacked configurations depending on the situation. The key is their removable spacer — it locks the two featherboards together so they act as one.

Included Parts

In their featherboard kit, Milescraft packs all the hardware you need to use the featherboards in tandem and stacked configurations, including two featherboards, the spacer, four T-slot bolts, four expansion bolts, two tandem expansion bolts, four S-style knobs, two 3/4″ split-rail miter bars, and two 5/8″ split-rail miter bars.

The Milescraft #1407 dual/tandem featherboard will run you $30 to $35.

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  1. Shopmonger says:

    Not to plug other podcasts but for wood worker Woodtalk online has talked about what they call “lazy people” tools. Like if you ahve ever seen those premade PBnJ sandwiches….. you can make good finger boards- feather Board for under $5 and the best part is.. the tool you use them on also makes them easy to build.. I>E table saw, band saw ect

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