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It’s generally known around the shop that I dig talking about and checking out furniture. I don’t have any spectacular gift for building it; I just enjoy it. Often you can find me pawing over hotel furniture to see how the seams were made, or under a desk checking the joints out — it’s a sickness, really. When I saw reader Beano t’s home-built dresser drawers, I couldn’t help wanting to pull a drawer out to inspect his handiwork.

This dresser most likely won’t appear in the swanky custom shops about town, but instead will live out a quiet life serving up jeans and sweaters to a family that walks by it every day. The part that gets me: 40 years from now, grandchildren will ask where that dresser came from, and someone’ll answer, “Your grandfather built it.” Hats off and beers up to your stately creation, Beano.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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  1. Shopmonger says:

    because of norm, and other like David marks, and Woodwhisperer, Matts basements workshop, I too have become a “Jointery Hound” and look into everything. It is amazingly adictive…. nothing says “HELLO” like a good old dovetail… Nice work by the way…

  2. beano_t says:


    I have to admit this was my first drawer project I was going to go the dovetail route but cheated and did a quick dado joint front an back, and a small dado for the drawer bottom.

    In my defense I did dado the entire carcass and the front frame was mortise and tenon joinery.

    you can see some more photos of this project:


    also just search for “shop” and see some more projects I have done.

  3. Gary says:

    Nice job. Drawers aren’t as straightforward as some people think – which I found out after my first project using them.

    I was on vaca this past week in Chicago. Granted you can’t climb all over them checking joinery (alarms and bored security guards frown on that) – go to the basement of the Art Museum. There are some beautiful pieces of furniture down there.

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