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You know your baby’s a Toolmonger if:

  • His favorite outside activity is watching dump trucks and loaders at the worksite.
  • As soon as he can crawl, he’s chewing on your work boots.
  • He likes sawdust better than banana.
  • He uses every object as a hammer.
  • He prefers trucks over racecars.
  • He seems to be using drool as cutting fluid for his teeth.
  • Animal sounds are beyond him, but he makes engine noises.
  • Building blocks are an opportunity for demolition.
  • He cries when you vacuum, but not when you run the drill press.
  • Even wearing a diaper, he sports a Toolmonger’s crack.

Thanks to terinea for the baby Toolmonger entertainment photo!

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


5 Responses to Is Your Baby A Toolmonger?

  1. rbb says:

    I am not normally one to be PC, but that list is pretty sexist in its assumptions. My seven year old daughter is an absolute tool nut and asks for more any chance she gets.

    When we were picking up one of our cars at the shop, there was a Snap-On tool truck there in the lot. I nicely asked if he would show my daughters the inside of the truck. The 9 year old was “ho-hum.” But, the seven year old’s comment was “I’m in tool heaven.” How many seven year old girls do you know who now carry around a 500+ page Snap-On tool catalog in their purse? ;^)

  2. Why do you presume he’s being sexist and not just being grammatically correct?

    It is correct in English to use he for the “default” pronoun. Default means if you don’t know whether the subject is male or female.

    It is awkward and inelegant, but politically correct to substitute he/she, they, or alternate between he and she.


    I also have a daughter, who is very much interested in tools, but I also think it’s just as important to teach her how to speak correctly and use correct grammar. Butchering the English language to make her feel better about herself does her a disservice.

  3. NotTheSharpestSpoon says:

    I’d like to change the “He uses every object as a hammer.” to
    “He uses every object as a drill.”
    Doesn’t matter if it is a piece of string or a noodle. He sticks it to the ground or wall and proceeds to make the drill noise. The other one just talks on the harmonica phone( or anything- phone) and walks away while yelling authoritatively just like a General Contractor.

  4. Bigdaddio says:

    My Daughter, yes, my Son not so much.

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