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Toys and Joys will help you build cool models of your favorite big tools: bulldozers, forklifts, cranes, and many others.  They offer accessory kits which include “some” parts, or you can just get the plans.  The models feature plenty of moving and articulating parts — turning wheels, moving tracks, lifting buckets, extending forks, lots of realistic motion.

This means there are a lot of parts, and though the project may not be complex, it could be a long one. But it also means I can afford to build Sean a bulldozer.

Construction Equipment Plans [Toys and Joys]


2 Responses to Heavy Equipment Model Plans

  1. Michael Pendleton says:

    I look at the picture for this article, and it’s right next to the picture for the “Dino-Build” bit, and I start getting ideas… Big ideas…

  2. krishna chaitanya says:

    can you please provide me the vendor information who developed this model as i am in practise of same. can you please provide his contact details or any body who can develop such protypes for us .

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