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Portable Compressor

When you think of a portable compressor you probably think of a tool that’s small and easy to move for powering your air nailer. Sure, that’s one definition of portable — but how about a compressor the size of a mobile home that can deliver 1,200 cfm at over 350 PSI!

You’re probably not going to see this trailer parked at your normal job site — it’s used primarily in the drilling field, where higher flow removes the cuttings more efficiently and higher pressure makes drilling go faster.

The XRVS 1200 Series compressors measure 18′ long by 7-1/2′ wide by 8-1/4′ tall. Combined, the compressor and trailer weigh over 16,000lbs. A six-cylinder, 575 HP, liquid-cooled Caterpillar engine drives the oil-injected rotary screw compressor to generate the impressive free air delivery specified.

There’s no price listed for these compressors — we’re guessing that if you have to ask, you really don’t need one.

Portable Air Compressor [Atlas Copco]
Portable Air Compressor [America West Drilling Supply]


9 Responses to Portable Air Compressor?

  1. fred says:

    Very impressive – but our needs are met with our smaller diesel-engine-driven I-R’s for outdoor use and even smaller electric Emglos for indoor use – so I probably will not be asking Atlas Copco for a quote.

  2. J.R. Bluett says:

    Awesome! Finally a compressor to power my pneumatic Truckzilla design! The real hitch was having enough air to power the propeller beanie!

  3. nrChris says:

    Looks like a Zamboni!

  4. PutnamEco says:

    Cool, 1200 CFM should be able to get 6 or so 90 lb. hammers going. That would be a fun sound.

  5. John Laur says:

    If you want to talk compressors on the drill sites, why don’t you skip these namby-pamby little guys and go right for the big dogs — the 18-wheeler compressor trucks they use to do hydraulic fracs?

    They chain them up and routinely around 15,000 PSI and pushing fluid downhole at 450 gallons/min or more … I can’t even imagine calculating an SCFM rating.

    Perhaps its a little unfair to call them air compressors, but maybe since they are pumping liquefied CO2 with them it counts?

  6. KMR says:

    If guys really want a ton of cheap air flow, look into the VW air compressor kits. Something like 60CFM @ 100psi out of that tiny little flat four. You’ll need the VW flat four, and the conversion kit runs about $400. But as far as cost per CFM goes, it is pretty much the cheapest setup you’ll find.

  7. KMR says:

    Link to the Volks-Air compressor setup.


    Very Toolmonger thing to build.

  8. Ashref says:

    hii dear
    i want to buy this compreocessor i and how can i get this informations
    best regards

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