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Once upon a time, when pneumatic nailers were all the same — to me at least — this fine tool would’ve escaped my attention. This is a multi-blow nailer, which means there’s no depth adjustment; you simply hold the actuator until the nail is driven to the depth desired.  If you hit a knot, just hold the actuator longer.

You trigger the actuator by simply pushing the nail head against the target while holding the handle.  The pictured GR150 joist hanger nailer weighs just 4.4 lbs, a wee bit lighter than the Bostich StrapShot, and drives 1-1/2″ nails, perfect for working with 90% of joists and joist hangers. The GR250 will work with 1-1/2″ or 2-1/2″ nails and weighs just a little more at 4.8 lbs. Both expose the nail head for accurate nail placement in the metal hanger holes.

You can download parts diagrams and parts lists from Grip-Rite’s site, and they sell driver assembly kits and rebuild kits that contain the most common sets of parts — Grip-Rite makes it really easy to own and service these nailers.

Street pricing on the GR150 runs a little over $220, but Home Depot has it for $190.

GR150 Joist Hanger Nailer [Grip-Rite]
GR150 Joist Hanger Nailer [Home Depot]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


6 Responses to Multi-Blow Joist Hanger Nailer

  1. fred says:

    For years we just used hammers and nials for this job – with sometimes needing to resort to using a palm nailer. The we tried the Paslode connector nailers – that use a protruding tip to align the gun. They worked well but were heavy – Now we’ve moved on to using Bostitch MCN150’s – which use the nail itself for alignment and are much more compact and lighter.

  2. Adam says:

    I have used the Grip-rite nailer for several years now. It works very well, and is much smaller than the other joist nailers on the market. I load mine with Paslode Joist nails, and feeds them without missing a beat. If you do alot of joist nailing, this is the gun for you.

  3. PutnamEco says:

    I’ve always thought of the Grip-Rite GRs as a glorified palm nailer,with a fancy handle. They do work and they have their fans. I do agree they are light. But I prefer the Hitachi NR65AKS for my positive placement nailer, Partly from good dealer support (in rural FL the nearest real tool shop is about an hour and a half drive one way) and partly out of brand loyalty. I haven’t been disappointed.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    So why the big difference, can someone who uses one over the standard nailer tell me why this would be preferable. I love my frameing nailer.

  5. Dave says:

    Although it looks similar, this isn’t a framing nailer. It’s a joist hanger nailer, for use with those metal framing connectors. It has the advantages of a palm nailer (lightweight, multi-strike capable) and the magazine of a standard joist nailer, which is a pretty damn good combination.

  6. dave says:

    Need rebuild kit for jet palm jailer

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