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With a screw gun you can drive lots of screws, fast — and since the current trend in laying subfloor and hanging drywall is to use screws, I imagine there are plenty of Toolmongers out there who get a lot of mileage out of their screw guns.  Grabber’s SuperDrive 75 Series kit, shown above, includes a 2,500 RPM Rocker screw gun with 20″ extension, a nosepiece, and LOX and Phillips bits.

Why would you want a screw gun over a good drill/driver?  Though you can’t see it well in the picture, the screw gun feeds a strip of collated screws automatically, so you don’t have to constantly fumble for the next screw — a labor-saving device! If you’re working on a big project with lots of screws, renting one of these might place high on your list of good ideas.

Grabber sells this kit for $340.

SuperDrive 75 Series [Grabber]


3 Responses to Rocker Screw Gun

  1. ShopMonger says:

    Best part is the back savings…………

    stay upright and use a kick block (aka peice of 2×4) and your boots and you can lay subfloor and decking in no time…………

  2. fred says:

    We’ve had very food luck with Senco cordless screwguns for dryall and their DS-300 guns for subfloor and decking. We use their Stainless Steel finish-head screws on decking with good result. There is a peculiartit with their feed system that causes jams if you use their screw strips as the come out of the pail. We find cutting them in half solves the problem.

  3. DC says:

    “The current trend”? Didn’t know that taking steps to ensure your work held up over the years was trendy.

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