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Magnetic Blocks

Attach these magnetic support blocks from Flange Wizard Tools to your construction square or straightedge and give them a new lease on life, guiding your torch straight and true while you cut metal.

These blocks will attach to any edge up to 1/8″ thick with a pair of set screws. They incorporate Flange Wizard’s “sight unseen” magnets to hold your straightedge securely in place.

Prices start around $37 for a set of three magnetic support blocks. You’ll have to provide your own straightedge or steel square.

Magnetic Blocks [Flange Wizard Tools]
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5 Responses to Blocks Let You Guide Your Torch With A Straight Edge

  1. ShopMonger says:

    Cool, although precise cutting with a torch? Sounds like ….. i cut a 8′ straigh cut with no tear out with my recip saw….

    But with a good plasma cutter i think this would be very handy…

  2. TMIB_Seattle says:

    ShopMonger: Try a Henrob torch (http://www.cutlikeplasma.com/) You can practically write your name with those things.

    I’ve been using mine for a while now, and hate it when I have to go back to the standard Victor style torch.

  3. Barracuda welding says:

    I want to throw mine out! Have bought flange wizards straight edge twice and both have now lost their ability to stick stand up. The magnet has no ability to hold the straight edge up. The idea is great but need better quality magnets or larger instead of 4 little circle inserts. $200 later and am now stuck with trying to find a better design.

  4. Zathrus says:

    If the magnets are demagnetizing, then they’re getting hot; a typical “rare earth” magnet demags at 176 deg F; high temp versions can go up to 400 F or so. If it’s using more traditional ferrites (doubtful) then the temperature for demag is significantly higher — an iron magnet, for example, would need to get to over 1900 deg F, but its magnetic field isn’t strong enough for this application (especially not as “4 little circle inserts”).

    The web site doesn’t indicate what kind of magnets they’re using; so it’s a random guess as to their critical temperature. I would definitely contact the company and explain the problem and see if they’ll replace them for free and/or indicate what’s going wrong.

  5. Barracuda welding says:

    I emailed them the same night I posted this comment and the next day I was contacted by the owner and have come to an agreement on their new improved product. I am very pleased with their customer service and jumped the gun on my comment. Should have dealt with them insted of the supplier I bought from.

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