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Most projects look better without fingerprints, and some projects even work better without them. The solar oven I’m thinking of building takes in solar energy through clear glass or plastic panels — and I don’t want to break out the glass cleaner to wipe off my fingerprints every time I use it.  Film Buster claims to not only clean surfaces of dirt and fingerprints, but also to leave a protective coating that allows fingerprints to be wiped off with a soft cloth.

The marketing train derails — they mention that Film Buster could just possibly save your life by keeping your car windows clean! — but I still plan to pick up a quart bottle for $7.

Film Buster [Chem-Quest]


3 Responses to Wipe Out Fingerprints

  1. herb says:

    So this is essentially an ad for an unknown item, not a review? That was dissapointing, I was expecting a review. No sense in all of us going out and buying a product until we know it works. Please come back with a review when you’ve tried it, and a follow-up a year later to see if it ends up eating the shellac off of your piece, or not, or whatever.

  2. eschoendorff says:

    Rubbing alcohol works well also.. and it is cheap.

  3. J.R. Bluett says:

    Sorry Herb, we haven’t tested this one yet. We’re working hard on getting out the Hands-On posts, there’s just been a log jam or two to handle first. File this one under tool chatter for now. Later, much later, there may be a Hands-On for it, but there’s a long list of hardware in front of the chemical tools.

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