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Specialty tools are endless — pick some job that you know someone somewhere is going to have to do, and there’s a tool for it. If you need to remove institutional-grade glued-down carpet in the middle of the day at a school, or in the middle of the night in a maternity ward, you’ll probably want this quiet, glued-down-carpet puller.

Four feet long and weighing less than 20lbs, the Jackrabbit Carpet Puller is more portable and quieter than a motorized carpet destruction monstrosity, and it beats the hell out of pulling up narrow strips of carpet by hand. Plus you get to use a big lever to twist the covering right off the floor!

The only hit on street pricing is $430, but that’s a lot less expensive than the electric carpet puller I found on my new favorite flooring-tool retailer’s site.

Jackrabbit Carpet Puller [Corporate Site]
Electric Carpet Puller [Shag Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Jackrabbit Carpet Puller

  1. I think I’d rather use the “motorized carpet destruction monstrosity.”

  2. mark zucco says:

    We use this tool on a regular basis, you just cant beat it on a unitary back carpet where the electric puller just shreds it. And what a time saver! We were in a room 20×20 and before we had the Jackrabbit it took us 7 hours to get it out, then we purchased the Jackrabbit with the same size room it was gone within a half an hour it was gone! I,ll take the Jackrabbit over the electric puller any day of the week and its guarenteed forever so its well worth the 430.

  3. Edwin says:

    What a great carpet tool and it looks solid.

  4. Greg says:

    I work for a state college here in northwest Florida, and in a 30′ x 58′ room, using one of these, we pulled up a direct lay that had been seriously over-glued and in place for 20 years in less than 6 hours. We’d tried to pull it by hand and got less than 1/8th of the room done in 4 hours.
    The machine puller may be easier to use, but, for the money, convenience & ease of use, this is a win.

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