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MNPCTech’s Bill Owen has laid out the steps for a great mirror-finish paint job, complete with video tutorials, tips, and tricks.  I’ve no idea how many Toolmongers would want to go through all this work for a computer case, but I’d bet a quarter that there are a few projects out there that could use a perfect finish like this!

Maybe Chuck and Sean will go for this on the shop truck

Mirror-Finish Paint [MNPCTech]


3 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Mirror-Finish Paint Tutorial

  1. techieman33 says:

    It would be easier to just have it powder coated

  2. Stuart says:

    It might be easier to have a case powder coated, but where’s the fun in that! Plus, some of Bill & team’s designs are too complex for powder. He doesn’t typically use rattle cans either; he uses a sprayer with auto paint, and the finishes always look phenomenal. If it looks that good on a worklog, one can only imagine how good it looks in person!

  3. Bill Owen says:

    Thanks for the plug ToolMonger!

    I was asked by the pc modding community to write this tutorial. Theres many kids out there without the proper tools and paint equipment, so I broke the tutorial down to the simplest solution to accommodate everyone. remember, this was enamel paint which has longer cure time, not like lacquer. You can speed up the cure time if you have the proper paint curing equipment.

    I have more Case Mod Video Tutorials on YouTube

    My website

    Thank you,
    Bill Owen

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