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Bump Cap

You may not be required to wear a hard hat at work — but if you come home from work regularly with bumps and bruises on your noggin from low-hanging pipes and other rigging, you’re probably a good candidate for a bump cap.

Generally lighter and cheaper than hard hats, bump caps aren’t OSHA and ANSI compliant, but you can wear one for protection from bumps and scrapes, even if head protection isn’t required.

MSA molds their lightweight bump caps from high-density polyethylene and adds perforations to the sides for ventilation. The caps adjust from 6-1/2″ to 8″ to fit a variety of head sizes. The smooth, easy-to-clean caps come in a variety of colors. Single-color custom imprinting is also available.

You can pick up a bump cap for somewhere between $1 and $12. The MSA bump caps start at $4.

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  1. AndrewJohn says:

    MSA makes a very nice bump cap. However, it’s very important that reader realize that these “hard hats” are not to be used to protect the head from impact injuries. They are simply used to protect the wears head from cuts, scrapes and minor bumps. (thus the name)

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