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Magnetic Brush clip

This simple paintbrush holder incorporates two magnets into a bent plastic clip. Clip the holder to the side of the can and it’ll hold any brush with a ferrous ferrule in a vertical or angled position. As a bonus, a metal tab for opening paint cans is built into the lower grip.

Professional painters and finishers will probably cringe seeing the above picture of a paintbrush dripping back into the can, but who says you have to use this handy little magnetic brush clip on the original paint can? Clip it to the side of your roller tray or favorite paint pail instead.

The origins of this product are unclear, but Lee Valley is certainly importing this clip from somewhere. I found pictures of a yellow version with a single magnet sporting “Brush Lugg” on the grip, on some site for a company in Poland.

You’ll find this magnetic paintbrush holder for $3.50 over on Lee Valley’s web page.

Magnetic Paintbrush Holder [Lee Valley]
Brush Lugg [Polish Site]


10 Responses to Clip-On Magnetic Brush Holder

  1. CN says:

    I hope I’ll see these at my hardware store soon.

    Oh, and “ferrous ferule” for the win.

  2. fred says:

    My local Home Depot is selling ones for about $2.50 – they are branded as “Big Time Products” UPC 731919170019 – made in China

  3. ShopMonger says:

    Awsome, I ahve been doiung a ton of painting lately. I hate painting……

    but this seems like a great idea

  4. Blair says:

    Just another thing to clean when done painting, looks good in the pics without a days drips all over it………..

    I think I’ll pass.

  5. AVisciciulli says:

    My thoughts exactly Blair…one more thing to clean. Half my recent projects’ painting meant more time cleaning than painting.

    If you can’t put the brush across the top of the open can, you’re doing something wrong. And for the hassle of another thing to clean, if I thought the brush needed to sit somewhere and not dry out, I’d put it inside a plastic sandwich bag before leaving it in the paint. It just gets too much paint too far up to the handle, which then dries out b/c you never use that area.

    The photo reminds me though, this would be a nice thing to have when staining though. That’s always a mess and the brush dries out slower than latex.

  6. Ray says:


  7. Jeff says:

    These do not work as well as another clip that is similar, it is called the original brush klip, thwere number is (480-231-9896) and it holds the brush secure and you are able to keep the bissles in the paint if need durring down time. I am a proffessional painter and I didn’t like the way the magnet would let the brush get knocked off when moving the bucket around.

  8. Christelle says:

    Could someone please let me know if this product is available in South Africa, and if so, where.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible

  9. Z says:

    Try the Handy Paint Pail!! Way better!

  10. D2E says:

    Try The painters assistant from Hyde tools its uses are unlimited watch the video on youtube

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