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Panel Lockout

Whether you’re installing a ceiling fan at home or giant three-phase motor at the plant, you’ll probably want to lock and tag the circuit so someone can’t reactivate it. What do you do if you don’t have locking breakers or service panels? The electrical panel lockout works with almost all electrical panels with covers secured by screws on the front.

The panel lockout fits over the screws that hold on the panel cover, so you can’t remove it even by unscrewing the cover. It installs across the panel door either diagonally or straight across, keeping prying hands from accessing the panel as long as you have it locked.

Constructed from non-conductive material, the standard panel lockout extends from 14 to 20 inches to fit a range of panel sizes. With optional extensions it can extend up to 31 inches.

The standard panel lockout also comes with a polished brass lock, three keys, and reusable tag for $35. Six- and eleven-inch extensions sell for $9 and $10 respectively. If you need extra security, an all-steel version of the panel lockout will run you $55.

Panel Lockout [Corporate Site]


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    Do you have any agency for your Lock out and Tag out product on Saudi Arabia?

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