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We love large builds, like this family of wooden brachiosaurs that seems to be taking over a courtyard. Reader dbthetd built them, and he breaks the build down for us like a fraction:

Last time I did this, Toolmonger asked “How big can he go?” This is how big… It’s about 17′ long and 12′ high. The largest piece maxes out a 4×8 sheet. It turns out that blown up this big the 3/4″ ply neck can’t carry the weight of the head and it sorta wants to loll over and pitch the whole unit – we added a cheater bar (1″ box steel) to keep that from happening, but if we do another one we’ll have to upsize the material or add pieces.

We had to deal with “neck wobble” on ours as well, so we feel your pain. Still, you’ve got quite the good-looking herd going on there. For more sweet photos of the rest of the dinos made by students and teachers alike, check out “There are no bad ideas.” Great work, people!

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]
There are no bad ideas [Blogspot]


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  1. TMIB_Seattle says:


    I keep thinking it would be fun to cut one of these out of steel plate.

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