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Cable Pully

You need to run a phone line to your bedroom, and you decide you might as well run some network and coaxial cables for good measure. Heck, why not pull some cables to other rooms while you’re at it? Using cable pulleys or blocks will make the job much easier, but you probably don’t want to invest in these expensive tools for just one job. Instead, take a look at these 2nd Man cable pulleys from Jameson.

These injection-molded nylon and polypropylene pulleys can handle up to eight Cat-5 cables and up to 75lbs. They help maintain the proper bend radius and ensure proper pulling force so you don’t damage the cables. Cable pulleys also make it easy to pull around corners — since the pulley turns with the cable, they add little friction.

A set of two pulleys will run your $28. You can save a little on each pulley by buying a set of six for $81.

2nd Man Cable Pulley [Jameson]
2nd Man Cable Pulley [Cable Organizer]


2 Responses to Cable Pulleys For Small Jobs

  1. ShopMonger says:

    I used to use a deer hanging rig for pulling wires and lines for rigging sail boats

  2. Peter Lundquist says:

    How about 200 ea. @ $0.22 per?

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