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At best, moving and lifting heavy objects incorrectly will leave you with a sore back — at worst it can cripple you. With a device like Grundlach’s Lift-N-Move you can safely move heavy objects such as refrigerators, filing cabinets, and washing machines by yourself, but if you need to go up or down a floor you’d better hope there’s an elevator.

The Lift-N-Move lifts objects that weigh up to 1,000lbs to a max height of 14-1/2″. Two separate lifting units make up a complete Lift-N-Move set. Each welded steel unit measures 22-1/4″ wide and 26″ high. To distribute the load, each unit features two 2″ dual-wheel ball-bearing swivel casters.

You only need 6-3/8″ of clearance between the object and the wall to use the Lift-N-Move. Slide the lip of each unit under the object, then raise it by cranking each handle. You can wrap the included ratcheting strap around the load to make it more secure.

The Lift-N-Move is sold as a set of two lifting units with a 2″ x 25′ ratchet strap. It’ll run you $375.

Lift-N-Move [Grundlach]
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2 Responses to The Lift-N-Move

  1. Asbestos says:

    we used a version of these a long time ago in a summer job I had. For some reason we called them “cable cars”

  2. Michael Pendleton says:

    Those look fantastic, and I wish that I had had a set yesterday and the day before, while we were loading those semi trailers! But since timing is everything, I am forced to speculate as to whether I could make those myself for less than $375 in time. Probably depends if I could find jacks for cheap. Maybe some bottle jacks…

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