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Gator Grip

With 32 teeth — oddly enough, the same number the average Toolmonger should have — and almost two feet of leverage, if the Gator Jaw can’t remove your oil filter, you’d probably better let your mechanic deal with it.

The long handles also allow you to reach around those hot exhaust manifolds that manufacturers like to place close to oil filters.

Gator Grip 1

IPA designed the Gator’s bent jaws so you can either use them inline with the filter to snake through obstructions or perpendicular to the filter to get more leverage — see the pictures above and below this paragraph. Besides removing some of the most difficult oil, fuel, and hydraulic filters, I bet the Gator Jaws would be first-rate tongs for turning hot dogs and brats on the grill.

Gator Grip 2

At $40 to $50 Gator Jaws aren’t as cheap as most other filter wrenches, but they’re definitely more versatile.

Gator Jaws [IPA Tools]
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4 Responses to Nothing Escapes The Jaws Of A Gator

  1. Justin Brashear says:

    That’s not the filter pictured though, the filter is inside the canister. And instead of these big pliers, you can put a socket on the cap and take it off with a wrench.
    I assume it was just for demonstration, but I bet they realize how many times you Wouldn’t be able to use this thing for a lack of access.

    I think the canister’s lid on my bmw is a 36mm but I could be off a couple mms.

  2. ambush27 says:

    I know the cartridge filters for fuel, oil and water fuel separator on ford diesels are all 36, as is the oil filter on some gm cars. so there’s a good chance your bmw is 36 also.

  3. Nick says:

    that looks like a 6.0psd, im pretty sure someone would shoot you if they saw you doing that, especially since they are known to crack (the cap itself).

    O well

  4. Bob says:

    I had a stuck oil filter on a 2004 Toyota Sienna that none of my regular toold could remove from the bottom. And, I couldn’t get to it from the front/top because of the exhaust manifold covering it. Finally I took the car to an oil change shop and they used a Gator Jaw and easily removed the filter from the front/top. That was the first time I saw the tool. Great invention.

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