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UniversalPart.com is selling the wonderfully tiny Wiha pocket-sized precision screwdriver set for only $14.46. The set includes a handle and four double-ended interchangeable bits with both Phillips and slotted tips — for the multitude of tiny-screw problems that life throws your way.

Pocket-Sized Precision Screwdriver Set [UniversalPart.com]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: Wiha Pocket-Sized Precision Screwdriver Set $14

  1. ShopMonger says:

    Set’s like these are handy to have, I unfortunatly alwasy seem to lose them about a month after I buy one….

  2. Mike Y says:

    Heh – the $8.95 shipping kinda takes all the sweet taste out of the good pricing…

    Mike Y.
    Dallas, Texas

  3. Jim German says:

    Swing and a Miss… $8 shipping = no good, counting shipping there are a slew of other retailers where its actually cheaper, all easily found from the convinent google pricing link you guys provided.

    I like the idea of dealmonger, but you guys need to research it a bit more first.

  4. Tim B. says:

    At that price point, my vote goes more towards the Boxer Tools 30-in-1 precision kit. Was going to post a link, but noticed it had been featured on Toolmonger once before! ( http://toolmonger.com/2006/11/29/reader-find-boxer-tools-micro-screwdriver-set/#more-2195 ) … Got mine for about $10 at my local Frys Electronics, and it has been worth EVERY penny. Very high quality tool.

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