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Usually the only thing you get from a cyclone is a mess, but the Cyclone from Evolution helps metal shops clean up. The end is hollow, with a big magnetic plunger in it. Wave the magic wand over your mess, picking up the ferrous scrap, then hold it over the scrap barrel and pull the plunger. If only there was a version for sawdust.

Evolution sells the Cyclone for $13.

Cyclone Magnetic Cleaner [Evolution]


2 Responses to Cleaning With Cyclones

  1. TMIB_Seattle says:


    Ever see the floor in a blacksmith shop? It’s not just the fine metal scale that builds up everywhere, it’s all the little cut off ends and pieces, too.

    Plus this looks like it would be handy for dredging the slack tub from time to time too.

  2. Kurt Schwind says:

    What an elegant solution. Great idea. This sure would be handy picking up bits of nails and screws after a project.

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