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Sprinkler systems offer convenience, but unless they’re incredibly well designed they’re often terribly inefficient — so I’m generally looking around for tools that help increase that efficiency. You can supplement your sprinklers with tree– and grass-root watering, or watering crystals, but if you really hate supplementing what ought to be an automatic system then the RWS (Root Watering Series) from Rain Bird might be your ticket.

The RWS’s mesh cylinder fills quickly, and the water is slowly absorbed into the surrounding soil, encouraging root growth. You can choose from several versions, with or without bubblers and check valves already installed. The big one, for mature trees, measures 36″ long; RWS-M and RWS-S are 18″ and 10″ long for young trees and shrubs.

Expect to pay $20 to $30 for the 36″ model.

Root Watering Series [Rain Bird]
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  1. JamesB says:

    I’ve seen ads for root watering lately, and decided to go bang a hole at the base of the tree with a section of 1″ pipe. I wiggled it out and set the hose to trickle into the hole – had new growth on the paper-bark cherry within a week of doing this.

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