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Flushing Chisel

After posting my last Bridge City Tool Works tool and having the readers point out that it was an archived (read: no longer sold) product, I’m telling you up front that this tool is not archived, but it’s not currently in stock either. Why am I posting about the flushing chisel then? It’s a neat solution for removing excess glue or cutting protruding wood — such as dowels, dovetails, tenons, and plugs — flush to the surface.

Unlike a regular chisel, the head of the flushing chisel won’t accidentally dive below the surface, ruining your work. Used one-handed, this small chisel can work in confined spaces where no other chisel or plane will fit.

With the flushing chisel you can either score a protrusion, so when you plane the surface flat later there’s no tear-out, or you can entirely remove small protrusions.

When it’s in stock the FC-1 flushing chisel will run you $140.

Flushing Chisel
[Bridge City Tool Works]


3 Responses to The Embarrassed Chisel

  1. ned.ludd says:

    Or a crank necked paring chisel, often available on the used market (read as ebay for you cheap bums like me) for less than $50. And those come in all sorts of different sizes, so that means you have to get a set. Of course they’re also useful for other things like cleaning out dados, which this piece of art might have a problem with.

    Or, if you are really really really cheap, take an old chisel and a MAPP torch and just crank it yourself.

  2. nrChris says:

    I love the Bridge City stuff with the exception of price. I currently use a flush cut saw to trim dowels, and more often, pocket hole plugs. But this tool gave me a bit of inspiration–I think I can spot weld a little nub onto a plane blade, and attach a wooden handle to the nub. I’ll give it a try next time I have free time in the shop.

  3. Hamilton says:

    That is a gorgeous tool. I would be absolutely terrified to let anything that looks as good as that tool anywhere near my shop without some sort of Plexiglass display bubble.

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