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Pallet truck

When I was I little boy, I thought the pallet trucks they used around the grocery store were the coolest toys. Now that I’m older and my dreams of being a stock boy have been crushed, I still think they’re pretty neat. You can buy your aspiring little stock boy or girl his or her very own pallet truck from Northern Tool for $190.

Whichever foreign manufacturer built this pallet truck made the forks of 11ga reinforced steel and welded all the joints — which means this pallet truck should stand up to it’s 4,400lb capacity rating. The forks extend 48″ and are spaced 27″ apart. The truck rolls on 6-5/16″ diameter rear wheels and 2-3/4″ polyurethane wheels under the forks.

The handle works in three positions: lifting, neutral, and lowering. It only pumps the forks three inches high, but you only need to lift a pallet enough to move it — stacking pallets is best left to fork lifts.

One final thought: You have to wonder how bad these things leak when they put a line like “reliable leak-proof oil hydraulic system” in the description.

Pallet Truck [Northern Tool]
Via Amazon(B000HD4M22)
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5 Responses to Own Your Own Pallet Truck

  1. Michael Pendleton says:

    pallet jacks are usually easily found used on ebay, craigslist and bunches of other places. They do get beat up, but they rarely actually *break*, which makes them an excellent candidate for used purchasing, IMO. I don’t own one yet, but that’s mostly because I can just nip down the hallway and borrow someone else’s. Someday I will move out of that space however and this item will get bumped up the list from “nice to have” to “must have”!

  2. Michael W. says:

    We’ve owned an old beat up one for years (bought at an auction). It’s great for moving heavy equipment around the shop.

  3. I have bought a few cheaper pallet trucks over the years and they have never last and so now I buy from a credible shop and brand, touch wood I’ve never had any other problems.

  4. Dave says:

    Northern will not deliver to Alaska period…bummer.

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