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Here’s a laser product I can really get behind — with this Carter laser you can retrofit your favorite tool! You control the precision, direction, position, mount style, and everything else, even the color. This sure beats buying a tool with a laser and finding out that the laser is crooked or off by 1/8″ — or that the stock laser line would be a lot more helpful if it extended just two more inches.

Unfortunately, I only see red and green lasers. Carter Products offers several options, from battery-powered all the way up to 24V models that wire directly into your tool — finally, a laser on my vacuum!

Laser Alignment Systems [Carter Products]


5 Responses to Laser Retrofitting

  1. Zathrus says:

    You only see green and red because those are the only two (visible light) lasers available in diode (or diode based) form at sub-hundred dollar plus prices. Blue is coming down (due to Blu-ray/HD-DVD), but still in the $100+ range. Violet and yellow-orange diode based lasers are in the several hundred dollars per element price range.

    You could get IR or UV diode-based lasers, but that’s not particularly useful.

    And uh… this stuff isn’t exactly cheap. The only item I could see that you could actually add to cart (instead of “Contact Carter”) was the “Series A Battery Powered Cableless Line Laser”, which I assume is green due to price. But at $165 plus shipping, that’s still really expensive.

    And note that this doesn’t automatically turn on/off either.

    Really, if you want a cheap way to add a laser to your tools, go buy a cheap ass laser pointer for $5 and then build your own mount (or buy one from here or someplace else). If you want green, then prices start from around $20.

    Note, if you buy green then you want laser safety glasses. If you buy anything over 5 mW in any color, then you’d better either know what you’re doing or just poke your eyes out now.

  2. Davo says:

    I got a couple of cheap (

  3. Davo says:

    Harbor Freight sells exactly what Zathrus describes, above.

    It’s basically a laser pointer, with an adjustable magnetic base and a rotating prism to project a line. Cost=$5.

    Very useful…I used several of these, along with a stick-to-the-wall Black&Decker laser level to project a grid for my last drywall project – I was able to set the screws with much better precision, and less marking, than my previous efforts.

  4. Bob The Drywall Guy says:

    Those toys are neat, but not cheap! The HF solution is much cheaper, but you’re not getting the most accurate option. Then again, if you’re installing your own lasers, you’re going to need to calibrate things yourself.

    Thread hijack

    Davo, if you’re states side, and this company is still in operation, National Gypsum had a product called Gridmax. it was drywall that came with marks every 4 ” over the length of the sheet at 16″, 24″, 32″ and both edges of the width. It’s wicked handy, especially for DIYers. It might be worth looking into… or something for our friendly neighbourhood toolmongers to run down.

  5. Davo says:

    Yes. The Harbor Freight lasers are only as accurate as your accuracy aligning them (they don’t have levels built in), and it is easy to accidentally move them out of alignment. But the beam is straight, and they’re cheap!

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