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Cut around the spotweld — sounds easy, right? Sure it is, provided you can get to the spotweld with a drill, which could be a whole other project with some panels I’ve seen. These spotweld cutters work like hole saws; they cut around the weld and allow you to easily separate the two pieces of sheet metal.

If you’re replacing the old sheet once you’ve repaired it, then the remaining studs (the spotweld nubs that are left) act like placement tabs, and you can just weld the sheets back together. If you’re using a new piece, then just grind off the nubs and use the boron spotweld cutter to make new holes for the new spotwelds.


These premium spotweld cutters come in standard pilot and skip-proof varieties, and in a double-bladed version which allows you to make more cuts by flipping the blade. So if a seam buster won’t work, this might be the tool for you.

Street pricing on the standard pilot version starts as low as $20.

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  1. fred says:

    Rotabroach cutters also cut through spot welds very well.

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