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Truck Bed Sander

If you’re going to coat your pickup bed with a roll-on bed-liner, prepping the bed correctly can mean the difference between a liner that lasts the lifetime of the truck and one that starts peeling in a few years. Like anything else worth doing right, sanding the bed is slow, hard work — luckily, Hutchins offers a sanding system to speed up the process and prepare the bed more effectively.

Hutchins claims the kit is useful for anyone, from the DIY’er who only needs to do a few beds to the professional who does many a day. The heart of the kit is the foam interface pad that matches the grooves in the pickup bed. The flat side of these pads attach to a 4-1/2″ x 9″ speed-file block, and the appropriate grit sandpaper attaches to the contoured side.

The kit costs about $100 and includes one-handed and two-handed speed-file sanding blocks, a universal foam interface pad for the sides of the bed, a pad contoured for Dodge and Ford pickup beds, a pad contoured for Chevrolet and GMC pickup beds, and sandpaper. If you want to speed up the process with their model 2025H pneumatic inline sander, that’s an extra $315.

Truck Bed Sanding System [Hutchins]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon(B000TRJLNG) [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


5 Responses to A Better Way To Sand Your Truck Bed

  1. jeff says:

    $100? A guy could make his own for way cheaper.

  2. Hootus says:

    Be very careful with bed-liner… sticks to nearly everything:


  3. james b says:

    I seem to remember a castable sanding block material, but can’t find it. This link shows how to make a custom profile sanding block with wood putty:


    These sanding systems look like something for an installer.

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    uh, why not just do a bit of gentle sandblasting, not heavy-duty, just light, and get the enamel/dirt/everything off the metal quickly, leaving nice adhesable metal surface?

    Setup & teardown take longer than sanding by pad, but damn, the progress oughta be faster..

  5. ShopMonger says:

    How about harbour freight……………

    Cheap sanding sponges…….glued to a board…..

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