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Incra XY Marker

Mark points without having to measure or draw perpendicular lines — and do it more accurately — with Incra’s 6″ x 3″ precision XY Marker.

Incra precisely machines a grid of 48 by 96 holes spaced every 1/16″ — that’s 4,608 exactly positioned holes! To make locating the correct hole easier, they mark single reference lines every 1/4″ and double reference lines every 1″ on their jig.

To use the jig, simply position the XY Marker on the corner of the workpiece, find the X and Y coordinates, and mark your hole with a fine-tipped pencil or awl.

Although neither the manufacturer nor any retailers mention removing the edge guides, it appears that Incra made them removable. That means you could remove the guide from one side and use this tool to mark lines parallel to the edge of the board, making this tool even more versatile.

Incra’s precision XY Marker will run you about $30.

XY Marker [Incra]
XY Marker [Hartville Tool]


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  1. SuperJdynamite says:

    Incra makes similar T rules for about half the price.

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