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Talk about everything having lasers! These lasers are for your garage,  to help you park, of course — at least they get some cool points for looking like turrets from a B-movie spaceship.  The motion detector spots you pulling into the garage, and this little unit zaps your car with a point of laser light to let you know whether you’ve pulled in sideways, again.

Seriously, will this ever stop? A brick on the floor for a tire to hit or a cork hanging by a string from the ceiling work just fine and are practically free. Amazon has this marvel of modern marketing priced at $22 and change. What this thing really needs now is an array of LEDs so you can feel like you’re in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Couldn’t help myself, I had to take a look for pocket knives with lasers — check it out.

Dual Laser Parking System [Maxsa Innovations]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]
Picture [AutoSport]


4 Responses to Garage Laser Madness

  1. Frank Townend says:

    I have one of these in our garage and really like it. I parked the cars where I wanted them and aimed the lasers at the center of each instrument dashboard cover. Even though I back one car in and drive the other head in, I had no problem getting the lasers aligned.

  2. Warren says:

    I’m sticking with my tennis ball on a string.

  3. John Laur says:

    I don’t really see the need for trash talk on this thing. It looks like it’s useful and has a fair price considering that it has a motion sensor and two lasers and a power supply. Sure, it’s not a cork on a string, but then again, it’s not a cork on a string.

    There also seem to be some interesting ways one might repurpose this device too….

  4. Warren says:

    That was trash talk?

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