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Even with a sprinkler system, your lawn might sport some brown patches — especially in places where water runs off before the grass can absorb it. A soaker hose over the area would probably work, providing a slower rate of water flow over a longer period of time, but runoff could still be a problem. Watering crystals would work, but according to most experts they need to be tilled into the soil, and tearing up your yard will make things worse before they get better. A grass root irrigator is probably the best tool for the job.

Similar to the deep root irrigator, this tool also features a depth stop and increased coverage area. It’ll take a little work, but you should see results pretty quickly, as runoff from underground is minimal.

Street pricing starts at $30.

Yard Butler Grass Root Irrigator [Lewis Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


3 Responses to Grass Root Irrigator

  1. Michael says:

    I wonder if this would be a good way to water a garden without runoff/evaporation.

    Anyone tried that?

    What is the radius of the watered area?

  2. blitzcat says:

    @michael: You can build a better drip irrigation system than that for an entire medium size garden for not much more than this thing. The irrigator handles two spots at most.

    The underground radiated area will vary depending on soil content, clay(fine particle) or rocky (large particle) but I think the ballpark was 12-18 inches radius.

  3. experience counts says:

    I bought a similar device in 1978 to raise the compacted path my dog made at the fence line and to minimize pet urine damage. I found that over the years it became the tool of choice to aerate lawns. You will be able to see the lawn rise! The original green and yellow tool has gone to tool heaven I am VERY happy that there is a replacement. I will purchace one, or maybe more than one. I do need to say that when I pushed the original aerator into the ground too quickly, the jet of water didn’t clear the way and I needed to get something long and very thin to clear the clogged spike. I speak from experience. get a very thin knitting needle. Keep it with you.
    Wow Cool Jumping up and down

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