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Keep your fleet of cars, trucks, bicycles, ATVs, tractors, and wheelbarrows moving with a deluxe tire repair kit from Slime!  The kit includes everything except the tires, inner tubes, and air — at least I don’t see anything missing, unless you want to count an equalizer.

If you’re just setting up your shop like I am, this is a decent deal — especially if you don’t have someone with an established shop to borrow from. Then again, if all you’ll ever need to fix is a steel-belted radial, you may want to go the route.

The kit will cost you $25 — flats will cost you more.

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Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


One Response to Everything But The Tires

  1. ambush27 says:

    Not the best way to repair a tire, but I suppose it may be adequate for some purposes.

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