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You want to create a backyard paradise that’s the envy of all the neighbors, and a sweet, eye-popping deck will be a prominent element in that picture-perfect space — the challenge is getting it to look less Frankenstein and more Better Homes and Gardens. Here’s a not-so-obvious secret the pros use: Build curves into the design. To help you get there Skil’s site features a nice how-to guide, complete with pictures and exploded diagrams.

Instead of giving you specific dimensions for building that exact deck, it shows you how to get the major elements down and leaves the creative decking up to your imagination and skill with tools. It’s really just like any other deck except for the curves — and as the article’s author points out, you can construct ’em pretty simply, following the tips he gives.

It’s worth reading if a square deck isn’t what you had in mind for your next backyard project.

Curve Appeal Article [Skil]


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