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Bahco Handsaw System

The handsaw has existed in its current form for hundreds of years — you wouldn’t think it could be improved much. Evidently you don’t work for Bahco. Their designers have come up with a new handsaw design that’s either innovative or just overly complex.

The most obvious difference in the Ergo Handsaw System is that the handle and the blade separate. This allows you to change blades to match the material and exchange blades when the current one becomes dull. Why change blades when you could just use a different saw? By spending more on the handle you gain some advantages.

Bahco designed the Ergo with an asymmetrical handle made of rigid high-quality aluminum covered with a thermoplastic elastomer. Since everybody’s hands are different shapes and sizes, Bahco will sell large and medium versions of the handle for right-handed sawyers and a large version for left-handed sawyers. Bahco claims these improvements keep your hand from sliding around in the grip, reduce vibrations, reduce the sawing forces required, eliminate blisters, and give the saw a warm feel.

To compliment the handle, Bahco designed thicker blades with a low-friction coating. The blades feature hard-point teeth and their own patented XT toothing which they claim makes sawing more efficient. They’ll offer ten different blades for a wide variety of applications: a general purpose blade; coarse, medium, and fine wood blades; a flooring blade; a tenon blade; a veneer blade; and a plaster blade.

To attach a blade to the handle, hold it horizontally and pull the accessible blade-locking lever. Then connect the base of the blade to the base of the handle and rotate the top of the blade into the top of the handle. Push the lever back until it clicks and secure it with the security spring. In the locked position, the lever leaves no play between the handle and the blade.

Though the press release was dated June 30th, 2008, it appears Bahco hasn’t yet made the Ergo Handsaw System available for general consumption.

Ergo Handsaw System [Bahco]


5 Responses to Preview: Ergo Handsaw System

  1. Gary says:

    Feh. Gimme a 60+ year old Disston any day.

  2. Theo says:

    LOL. Gary, can you point me to a local distributor that has stock on 60 year old Disston saws?

  3. Hank says:

    Theo Says:

    July 24th, 2008 at 5:41 pm
    LOL. Gary, can you point me to a local distributor that has stock on 60 year old Disston saws?

    Don’t know about what is local to you, but you can find some on Ebay under Vintage tools if you look very carefully and ask a lot of questions about the condition of the saw. If the blade is black, it is hard to sharpen. Other vintage tool sellers exist on the ‘net, but the price is high, but quality can be very good. I own 3 60 year plus Disstons, and they are very good workers.

  4. fred says:

    Do not forget that vintage Atkins saw are every bit as good as the Disstons.

  5. Fröbell says:

    If they were so good how come these did not survive? What hampered the graet American saw tradition. It is now Europe and Japan that make the best brands: Bahco, Jack and Tajima.

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