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Mirrors on your tools? I couldn’t resist posting about this pretty tile saw, just for the picture, but this tool’s beauty is more than skin-deep. Like Gemini Saw Company’s more mundane-looking Taurus 3, this Revolution tile saw features a cool ring-shaped blade. Whereas a normal wet saw pretty much only cuts straight lines, the ring blade allows cutting action more like a scroll saw.

Street pricing on the Revolution starts at $945 and blades run $100+.

Revolution XT Tile Saw [Gemini Saw Co.]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Tool Pr0n: Mirror-Finish Tile Saw

  1. Matt Soreco says:

    I suppose it stays shiny for at least .3 seconds.

  2. fred says:

    This is a serious tool that supplements your MK or other wet saws.

  3. Quentin says:

    Wow, I’d love to try cutting a tile with a ring-shaped blade; what a great idea!

  4. MakenaTile says:

    Not so fast guys….. Pretty is as pretty does…

    I’m on my 4th one of these saws in 4 years. I only use it for about 5 hours a month to cut slate, travertine and marble 12×12 tile into mural pieces. Very low use with soft materials. It cuts VERY VERY slow. Like 5 inches a minute compared to 12″ in 2 seconds on a 10″ tile saw. Sprays water from shoulder to knee- When you use the water system that comes with it- it runs water off the top EVERYWHERE. While it’s quiet when new- it gets loud as the bearings start falling apart- in a few weeks.

    Skip the stand, sliding tray -meant for strait cuts (way too slow) and the 45 ang. gigs and you will pay about $845. However…. Expect to pay an additional $845 a YEAR just to keep the saw working!

    They have a known problem- The bearings used in the saw aren’t up to the job. They blow apart in as little as 3 days. Half will blow out in the first 2 months. All by 6 months- This is the rate at just 5 hours of use a month. No warranty on bearings period. Replacements cost $12.99 each. The saw has 11 of them. The belt stretches out quickly as well- $30 bucks each.

    The inventor himself, Jesse, told me how to make a better water system for the saw. He knows the bearings don’t hold up but doesn’t want to pay more then the $2.50 each he pays now (he said so himself) He insisted I use his other water system instead of the one the saw comes with: SYSTEM- place the saw in a Felker/full size wet saw tray-plug out- draining into two offset stacked 5 gal buckets with the hole from top to bottom bucket half way up the top bucket and a water pump suspended half way down the bottom bucket- creating a muck separating system. Pump hose routs up and tucks into the top back of the cover underneath. Add 1/2 cup car wash n wax to the water. (dish soap strips the lubrication- car wash and wax doesn’t and it makes less bubbles))Helps the saw last longer.

    Other then that… Its a great saw! Can’t do my murals without it. I just use it as little as possible. I’ve been a tile contractor for 6 1/2 years and have used it maybe only twice on a regular job.

    ps- the first two I had were the old model and both had manufacture alignment problems and lasted only 5 and 7 months- I was given just one XT model as a warranty replacement for the two old model saws. DO NOT buy a used older model.


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