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Back Saver Comparison

First invented for halibut fishing, then later refined to work with other long-shafted tools, Stout’s BackSaver grip allows you to grip most tools higher on the shaft, reducing the amount of bending required when shoveling, raking, sweeping, mopping, etc.  Less bending hopefully leads to less strain and fatigue.

The BackSaver D-handle easily installs with a few screws, so you can easily remove it and move it from tool to tool. Injection molded with ABS plastic, MBS claims the BackSaver never breaks or wears out.

Back Saver

The BackSaver may or may not “put the fun back into gardening,” but it won’t lighten your wallet that much either. It’ll run you anywhere from $8 to $12.

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7 Responses to Stout’s BackSaver

  1. fred says:

    Here is a similar product being sold at Home Depot:


  2. dobson says:

    We dont need plastic gimmicks, we need longer handles!

    It seems as though the handles on shovels, rakes, brooms, etc. are all shrinking and getting shorter. Should a 6ft tall man have to hunch over to sweep the damn floor. I think the handles on these tools used to be at least a foot longer, but all companies are looking to reduce expenses, thus shorten the handles. We American consumers are too stupid to notice or not demanding enough to care. We wait until the fist big snow storm and go out and buy the cheapest shovel there is.

    In general, if all shovels, brooms, etc. had longer handles, you could stand up straighter and not have to strian your back. I think OHSA or ISO 9001 should look into this as a safety standard.

    Oh and why do the width of brooms and dustpans have no correlation?

  3. Zathrus says:

    No, the handles are not getting shorter. I have garden tools that are 20+ years old (from my parents) and new ones and they’re the same length.

    You have to hunch over? I’m 6’1″ and don’t. Stop overextending yourself. And grip the tool properly (hint — the photo from Stout doesn’t show proper grip, because their add-on is exactly where your hand SHOULD be).

    Ok, if I’m shoveling using a transfer shovel (rather than a digging shovel), I’m pretty well doomed to poor posture, but a longer/bent handle won’t help, nor will this thing. It’s the nature of the job; if I don’t want a backache then paying a neighbor’s kid is pretty much the only option.

    You’ve also forgotten that a longer handle means a longer lever arm on the tool, resulting in additional stress being placed on the user whenever that leverage is working against you — which is most of the time for common tasks (the obvious exception being using a shovel in a prying motion — but a 5′ handle is already enough to overstress the connection point without too much effort). So thankfully, we can leave OSHA/ISO9001 out of this.

    Oh, and my dustpans are the correct size when used with the correct broom. But I don’t try to use a push broom with a dustpan either.

  4. Jason says:

    “So thankfully, we can leave OSHA/ISO9001 out of this.”

    If it’s ok, can we leave them out of everything?


  5. Zathrus says:

    Sure…. in fact, OSHA doesn’t appear to have had any effect whatsoever on workplace deaths, and it’s questionable that it’s a significant influence at all (compared to insurance premiums and cost to employers/employees of doing risky things).


  6. James says:

    hmmm…hot chick bent over in a tank top and tight fittin’ jeans showing how easy it is to rake leaves with a new handle attachment….yeah, sex has no place in advertisments.. 🙂

  7. Bob Franklin says:

    Until you try it, you will never know how much the BackSaver Grip helps. Could you use your weed whip without the extra handle attached…NO. It gives you a straighter wrist with more pulling and pushing power. Reccommended by Chiropractors, Insurance agencies, corporate Safety managers…must be a reason. Try it…you’ll be surprised how much it helps.

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