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Sawtooth Shovel

Thanks to its sawtooth design this wicked-looking shovel can slice though sod, roots, rocky and compacted soil, and even ice better than a standard round-point shovel.

Seymour makes the blade of their sawtooth super shovel from 13-gauge high-carbon steel, painted black. The 8-3/4″ wide by 11″ long blade features turned edges, to make stepping on the shovel easier. They fashion the 4′ handle from hardwood.

The sawtooth super shovel will set you back about $40.

Super Shovel [Seymour]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon(B0007LTS96) [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


4 Responses to My, What Big Teeth You Have!

  1. these shovels have no actual use that i’ve ever seen – the “king of spades” shovel (available at leonards for $100), while expensive, is the last shovel you will ever have to buy. it will cut roots, sod, and hard clays – and if it’s too hard to cut it with a shovel, you should really be using a mattock, to get yourself some mechanical advantage.

    teeth are for cutting and chewing. digging is not like cutting and chewing. digging is digging. use a real shovel.

  2. Brew says:

    The crew that installed my sprinklers use the ridgid shovels that are similar to these and say they are the best thing ever. say they cut through everything so much easier (including cables, wires, etc) with much less work.


  3. blore40 says:

    I’ve heard that every time hell freezes over, Satan’s crew (mostly bankers and lawyers) use these shovels.

  4. Coach James says:

    blore…A+! LOL!

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