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Tell your story about your Warn winch, share the photos or video, and win a Warn winch…  It sounded better when it wasn’t only for people who own Warn winches. Still, if you do own a winch, from Warn, you’ve got till August 30, 2008 to tell your story and maybe win a new M8000 winch.

If you don’t own a Warn winch, you can do like I did and read the stories sent in by people of questionable common sense — they tell of almost pulling off exciting stunts, and having the right tools to pull their bacon out of the fire.

Better yet, if you‘ve got a story, post it in comments below — and clearly indicate what kind and brand of tools you really use to save your bacon.

Win A Winch [Warn]


One Response to Have A Winch, Win A Second?

  1. JamesB says:

    I have a Warn winch on my lifted Jeep and here is my story . . .

    The large bush died. I hooked up my winch to the base of the shrub. There was cracking sound, then – poomp, the shrub popped out of the ground roots and all. I never had to lift a shovel.

    The winch saved me!

    Oooh wait, here is a better one. I borrowed a welder with a crane hook on top. To get it out of my truck I securely bolted a plate with an eye hook to the ceiling of my garage. Attached my snatch block and put my wife on the winch controls. Never broke a sweat getting the welder out of the truck. Saved by my trusty winch again.

    Went 4wheeling in Moab. Never needed the winch, and there wasn’t anything but solid rock to hook it to anyway.

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