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Enco is selling this set of three Unibits — the go-to bit for drilling thin metals, cutting round holes in pipes and other difficult surfaces, and enlarging existing holes — for $35. Each Unibit incorporates a range of bit sizes; the bits in this set cover the ranges 1/8″- 1/2″x 1/32″, 3/16″- 1/2″x 1/64″, and 1/4″- 3/4″x 1/64″.

Less than $12 apiece sounds like a good price, especially when you consider how much time you could spend wallowing out a hole without this tool.

Three-Piece Unibit Set [Enco]


One Response to Dealmonger: Unibit Three-Piece Step Drill Set $35

  1. Chad Conrad says:

    There are so many knock-offs of UniBits but Irwin still has the best step drill on the market. It is the only one with a single cutting flute and that cuts a true round hole. For sure no wallowing or egging any holes with these.

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