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Why use elbow grease to remove rust when you can just dunk the object in a vat of Evapo-Rust? Non-toxic and reusable, one gallon of Evapo-Rust will remove rust from up to 300 lbs of moderately rusted steel.

Evapo-Rust won’t harm most metals, plastics, rubber, silicone, glass, or wood. It works in as little as 30 minutes, or you can leave the object submerged for up to 24 hours. Best of all, no scrubbing is required.

Buy a gallon and let it sit on the shelf until you need it — an unopened container lasts indefinitely. Pricing for a gallon container starts at $21.

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7 Responses to Remove Rust The Easy Way With Evapo-Rust

  1. BG says:

    Someone posted on a different site about this product, that you can do same thing, albeit slower, with molasses and water:


    Those hams know everything.

  2. ShopMonger says:

    Be carfeul using these products on machined areas… IE lifter bores ect… they can cause bad pitting and etching…….

  3. KMR says:

    Evaporust does not disturb machined surfaces, we use it all the time in the shop, specifically for that reason. Other than that “removes rust from up to 300lbs of steel” is a rather silly marketting ploy. Rust removal is more about surface area, than mass.

    The molasses/water deal also causes hydrogen embrittlement, so make sure you bake your parts at about 350degF after soaking for a few hours to drive out the hydrogen from the surface of your part.

  4. KMR,
    You’re right 300 lbs of steel isn’t the best way to explain it, surface area would be a better measurement. Don’t blame them for it being a ploy though. The exact quote from the website is:

    “One gallon can remove 1/2 pound of pure dry rust. Rust is about 1/17 the weight of iron by volume, which means its workload is substantial. On average, one gallon de-rusts up to 300 pounds of light to moderately rusted steel.”

    So they do get very specific about how much rust a gallon can remove. I only chose — perhaps incorrectly — to keep the 300 lbs part because 1/2 lb of pure dry rust is a little harder to visualize

  5. Dusdaddy says:

    I’ve used it many times. As a matter of fact I still have a 5 gall pail of it in the garage now. It will not harm any machined surfaces or even plastic , rubber, chrome, etc. It is not any sort of acid that “eats” rust!! No respirator or heavy gloves and face mask required. No toxic fumes either. Soaking the metal works best but for large parts, Jeep suspension/frame, I used a re-circ pump and an old shower head to constantly “bathe” it for a day. Worked fine. You do need to rinse it with fresh water as soon as your done and coat the clean metal with something to prevent flash rusting.

  6. Brau says:

    I have a couple other products that claim to remove rust but don’t work worth a s—! I guess I’ll be trying another brand now based on the comments here.

  7. Lee says:

    You should try D-Rust-It concentrate from Rust Depot. 1-gallon will make the equivalent of 10 gallons of Evapo-Rust or any other chelant based rust remover. Plus, you are not shipping 10 gallons, only 1, so shipping cost is greatly reduced. you simply mix it with your water.

    Regards, Lee

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