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Glass Nibbling Pincers

Cutting glass in a straight line is a snap, but curved cuts are a different story — I’ve tried and failed spectacularly.  But maybe if I’d had a pair of these glass-nibbling pincers I would’ve done a better job.

Knipex designed these oil-hardened, tempered steel pliers for breaking off narrow strips of glass to a scored line or profile. They make one version with a 9.5mm jaw and another with a narrower 4mm jaw and spring-loaded handles. Both pliers measure 6-1/4″ long with plastic-coated handles.

The wider pincers sell for $21 and the narrower for $28.

Glass-Nibbling Pincers [Knipex]
Glass-Nibbling Pincers [Chad’s Toolbox]


2 Responses to Nibbling Glass

  1. fred says:

    These grozing pliers were probably a staple for old time stained glass workers. Now glass cutting ring saws – like those made by Gemini make curve cutting much easier.

  2. ambush27 says:

    yeah traditionally glass was cut in curves by scoring say an octagon instead of a circle and then filing it down to size, its a lot of work.

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