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Dropping a tool’s list price down out of the thousand-dollar range can make it affordable to lots of small companies, but when I saw this Bora magnetic drill listed for under half cost, I started looking for a catch. There is one, sort of: The travel on this mag drill is only 2″. But if your application doesn’t need more than that, you may be able to switch to a tool that’s a third of the usual price.

For comparison, the mag drills we’ve posted on in the past feature nine– and eleven-inch travels. Bora doesn’t include as many details on their spec sheet as Milwaukee does, but 1,200 watts at 110 volts comes out to a little over a 10A motor, and the no-load RPM is similar to other mag drills. On the downside, Bora recommends a maximum duty cycle of thirty minutes.

If it meets your needs, you can pick up the Bora mag drill from Evolution for $420.

Bora Mag Drill [Evolution]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to Bora Mag Drill

  1. fred says:

    If you are planning any serious drilling with a magnetic base unit – you probably want to use rotabroach bits rather that twist drills. They run cooler, cut better and require less feed pressure.

  2. ShopMonger says:

    fred Nice call,

    We shoudl also keep in mind you can always build your own…….

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