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This trimmer attachment will blow your mind; it makes your trimmer your blower! Sporting “multi-stage turbine technology” — you saw the picture, right? — this attachment will fit any of Stihl’s KombiMotors, the largest of which is 1.9 BHP. They mention that it outperforms one of their standalone blowers, but I didn’t see any information about which motor, so file the claim under “marketing BS” until there’s real information.

I don’t have confirmation that the Stihl KombiSystem is interchangeable with other systems, but if you’re looking at getting a system, or if you’re careful about checking the connections before you buy, this is a great find — provided you don’t like the blower you already have.

I don’t see pricing on the attachment yet — it’s still listed as new on Stihl’s site — but if it’s comparable to Poulan’s blower attachment it should be in the $40-$80 range. It does look cooler than the Poulan, though.

KombiSystem Blower [Stihl]


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  1. Kelley Nelson says:

    The video says its more powerful than their BG85 blower, which is their most powerful handheld blower. I think this is rated at about 490 cfm, which the the number you should really look at with a blower.

    It looks good for blowing off driveways, but it would probably take a lot of swinging to use this with leaves.

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