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Here’s an easy way to know if you’re a tool guy: Gaze upon a dirty piece of hardcore machinery like this drill. If you feel nothing then you may be all right. Should you feel an uncontrollable urge to jump in and drill through the nearest building whilst rolling over a small car — warning, you may be infected with tool fever!

The good news: These drills probably cost more than your house, and the average guy on the street will probably never gain access to one. However, anything with this much hydraulic and tracked action ought to be illegal to park in public — the crowd of drooling Toolmongers alone would warrant traffic control.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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  1. Don Carl says:

    My cousin runs a horizontal Boring(not drilling) company in Fresno. The advantage to horizontal boring, is that NOW, new utilities, water, gas, and sewer pipes, conduits for CATV and electric service, fiber optics, etc, can be placed at depth crossing streets, diving under canals, with relative ease. Also, by not digging a trench to lay the cable/pipe/or conduit into, only small patches need be refilled, recompacted and repaved.

    For a project he had coming up, he built a boring machine, from scratch, that rather than bore straight out in front of it, like the one in the post, but, rather, straight BEHIND itself. Every 10 foot length of bore steel (think extension drill bits) costs about $500. The drill head, which water and bentonite flow through is tipped with hardened steel and carbide tipped teeth. After boring from one point to the next, the bit is removed and a reamer is attached, generally, whatever is being placed is attached to the reamer and is pulled through the now wider hole to it’s permanent placement.

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