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Budgets are tight lately, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some decent deals on tools if you’re willing to look. A quick glance at the Depot’s site led me to a section for reconditioned tools. Though this is a loaded topic on either side, the fact remains you can get tools for around forty percent off if you pull the trigger on the right deal.

One example: they’ve priced the Ridgid 12″ sliding compound miter saw $200 lower than its normal $500 off-the-shelf price. The reconditioned Ridgid tools also come with a one-year free-repair warranty — which might actually put them ahead of some of the open-box specials you find on the bargain table.

They aren’t new and may show a bit of wear and tear, but if it’s the difference between having one and not, you might want to consider it. It’s true you’re taking a risk, but depending on what you plan to do with it, it’s at least a solid option.

Ridgid Reconditioned Tools [Home Depot]


10 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: Ridgid Reconditioned Tools

  1. Will says:

    A friend of mine got a reconditioned Ridgid compound miter saw–the arbor lock broke after less than 5 hours of use such that end of the pin was hitting the shaft while it turned. This is the scary part of using power tools with ear muffs as it is harder to hear the sound of a dangerous condition developing. It must have hit the hole in the shaft enough because the blade started to loosen. Luckily, we did hear the sound of the loose blade through the ear muffs, stopped using the tool and no one was hurt.

    While this type of thing can (and does) happen to new tools as well, I won’t trust life and limb that the recondition check was thorough.

  2. Greg says:

    If you check out the specifications for the reconditioned 18V Cordless Lithium Driver:
    Cord Length: 144 feet
    Voltage: 120 Volts

  3. jeff immer says:

    if that’s true it’s one hell of a deal, thats a lot of extension cord,
    and at least the batteries not going to go

  4. eschoendorff says:

    If you are considering getting Ridgid tools, please read this thread first:


  5. Chuck says:

    ^^ At least be fair and say Ridgid Li Ion tools. I still use the corded metal Ridgid drill from the 70s that my Dad gave me. 20 years with him and 10 years with me, and it’s running strong. I’ll keep it just because of the hours on end I spent with it as a teenager with a wire wheel and iron fence.

  6. Nick da Hick says:

    I am not a fan of the newer rigid tools. I’d rather by grizzly, if I am going to go more inexpensive….


  7. Jason says:

    Reconditioned tools are fine for the budget minded. I got a recon Black N Decker drill that came with a brand new 10 pc drill set for more than half off the retail. It works perfect and looks brand new. Well worth the cost. I got it at reconditionedtools.com.

  8. Gooddog says:

    Sooo here is another side of the story, Having had both Dewaly and Makita 18V combo sets I purchased a Ridgid 18v combo. One compact and one full size LI battery failed to take a full charge after 2 years of very hard use. I hand carried them to a Ridgid service center, (ALTAQUIP, located in Wilmington Ma. After 10 minutes they replaced both batteries no charge. They were stocked out of the compact batteries but replaced it with a full size battery at no charge.

    I am a very happy customer

  9. looking for a set of cordless power tools. been in the trades for 30 years, please do not send me junk or a lot of e-mails.

  10. Edward L Thompson says:

    So I bought my tools at Home Depot and on the registry for the Ridgid Tools and any time they’ve gone bad or anything Home Depot has replaced them I had to go on to the website first and register them and had the number and then they replaced anything that’s been bad I’ve also had Ridgid to upgrade from my first generation that I bought which was an x 4 to the x 5 and now I have to brushless and they work awesome another great tool that I bought has been the porter cables they’re compact impact drill has been the highest speed on driving screws that I’ve used so far

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