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Angle Perfect III

Changing the angle of your table saw blade from 90° to 45° and back to 90° was never easier. Like an idiot light on your dash, the AnglePerfect III’s built-in LED will light when your blade has reached the correct angle.

Made by Pacific Rack & Machine, the AnglePerfect attaches to your saw with its magnetic base. When the blade is aligned with either the 45° or 90° side, it illuminates the built-in LED by completing the circuit between two precisely positioned electrical contacts.

The AnglePerfect isn’t just for aligning saw blades — it can tell you when your drill press spindle, band saw blade, or miter saw blade is perpendicular to the table. It’ll also help you align your jointer fence or miter gauge.

The AnglePerfect III will run you $60.

AnglePerfect III [Pacific Rack & Machine]
AnglePerfect III [Medford Tools]


5 Responses to An Idiot Light For Setting Common Angles

  1. Mike D says:

    I think I’ll stick to this guy
    Cheaper, smaller and I think more versatile. I’ve seen different brands of the same device, some around $30.

  2. fred says:

    On the jobsite – if the saw is not 100% level with the earth – you need to zero out inclinometers like the Wixey/Dixie that Mike D. points to.
    Otherwise, these give you an angle relative to the earth – not table top

  3. someguy says:


    you CAN zero out the Dixey/Wixey/Tiltbox angle gauges

  4. Dave says:

    I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy this product, but I’d bet you could make these yourself with very little trouble. It seems as though these are just two point contacts that use the metal blade to complete a simple circuit. Also, you could make these in other often used angles, such as when using a raised panel cutting jig. I have a Wixey digital angle gauge that I wouldn’t trade for anything when I want an exact angle, but for quick setup, these could be quite useful.

  5. JIM says:


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