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Pee Vee

Modeled after the woodsman’s Peavey, Qual-Craft’s Big Pee Vee helps you align sill plates by applying leverage instead of whacking them with a sledge. Qual-Craft claims it’s faster and more accurate.

Lightweight and designed to reduce fatigue, the Big Pee-Vee is easy to use. Tap the jaw into the sill plate and the bar into the floor. Push or pull the lever to align the plate with the chalk line. Finally, secure the plate when it’s positioned correctly.

You can find the Big Pee Vee online for $14. A smaller Pee Vee sells for $12.

Pee Vee [Qual-Craft]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon(B0000VUNUG)
[What’s This?]


3 Responses to The Big Pee Vee

  1. fred says:

    We find them useful for building small bump-outs and sheds that have relatively small wall sections to pull onto a line. One framing carpenter can pretty much work alone to get this done.

  2. kif says:

    Align sill plates? Why? Sure, I can see those in the remodeling business needing to do this, but I didn’t think words like “align”, “plumb” or “square” applied to those in the spec housing business.

  3. Putnameco says:

    I think you can get a much stronger pull with woodratchets.


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