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Back when I had a gig as an environmental engineer — *cough* janitor,  I was a kid and there’s no way I deserved some high-falutin’ title — I dealt with a lot of full trash cans that weighed more than I did, and I would’ve loved to have such a stylin’ way to take out the trash as this hydraulic trash dumper.  Heck, I wouldn’t mind having one today; I weigh more now, but I also know more about back pain and OSHA.

It’s small wonder the little deli I worked at didn’t provide a cool hydraulic lift for emptying their trash cans; the motorized version of this trash-can lift runs $4,000, and the recommended cans run $75. But cool tools, even for trash hauling, are the way of life for a Toolmonger — even if we only dream.

Hydraulic Trash Can Dumper [Vestil Manufacturing]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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  1. kif says:

    Transporting the trash from the back yard, through the garage, down the driveway and to the corner is my job – and one of my favorites. It’s darn near a sacrament in my mind. When I was in college my holy ritual was laundry, because it was symbolic of renewal. The salvation of my modest clothing from the activities of a college guy who struggled with moderation and discretion was theraputic. I don’t do laundry anymore because I am constantly accused of practicing evil sorcery that reduces the butt room in my wife’s clothing..but that’s another story.

    Anyway..I got a lifetime claim on trash duty when we had two kids in diapers, and the refuse was downright noxious in the summer months. Trash night earns me a respite from the fam, an opportunity to have a few drinks in private, (always keep some Jack in the cool place in your garage) and, most importantly, lets me monitor what my wife discards when I am at work (parts of long unfinished projects are the biggest victim). My job lets me extract what shouldn’t have been thrown away, redirect some items to recycling and help the earth, and catch a buzz.

    So I love trash tools, which aren’t discussed much. If I had this puppy, I could quickly scan the trash contents – and have a cool tool that nobody else on my block would have, or want to borrow. When I was at the duty free shop at JFK last spring, I saw huge liquor bottles that came with a tilting dispenser just like this. A perfect companion to this fine article on trash night.

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