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A lot of tools get combined together into ungainly messes that were probably best left on the drawing board — but one that you might actually keep with you is Rapid Tool’s Shark.  (I think they should have named it Bruce.)  It combines a handy retractable utility knife with a set of pliers-style wire strippers, good for handyman and professional electrician alike.

One edge (pardon the pun) the Shark has over other knives is the Rapid Edge serrated blade — Rapid claims these blades cut better and stay sharp longer.  The Shark comes in two versions, one that strips 10-18 gauge wire and one suitable for 6-12 gauge.

It features a ruggedized cast-aluminum and plastic body, so it can take some abuse. The wire stripper locks securely out of the way when not in use, and the body holds four replacement blades in an interior compartment.

Street pricing on the Shark runs about $25, and you can find it at Lowe’s and Ace.

Shark Stripper/Utility Knife [Rapid Tools]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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2 Responses to Shark! (Bigger Boat Sold Separately)

  1. David Bryan says:

    I got one on ebay. It’s pretty bulky. If you’ve got big pre-arthritic hands you might like it. Every so often I have to get myself some newfangled sparky gadget but I’ve learned that most of them don’t see much use. I put a hook blade on my wire stripper with a machine screw through one of the wire loop holes, where I can pivot it out of the way, and get a good enough combination for me.

  2. Blore40 says:

    Roy Scheider RIP (pun not intended)

    The tool does look like a shark.

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