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SK Hand Tools recently added a 3/8″-drive Mini Wobble Ratchet to their air tools line. Wobble ratchets are handy to have around because they allow 16 degrees of angle in a 360 degree range of motion. This little edge gives the mechanic more freedom to cram the tool in and get at hard-to-reach bolts. Once powered up it also wobbles, which helps un-stick the really stubborn ones.

The feature that caught our attention is the length, or lack of it in this case — the ratchet measures only five inches long from stem to stern. Coupled with the smaller 3/8” drive, which makes the entire head of the tool smaller, it sounds like a great rig for interior auto work.

If you own a set of air tools and you wrench on your own rides, this could be a nice addition to your stable of air-powered hotness.  Street pricing starts around $100.

Pro Gun Mini Wobble Air Ratchet [SK Hand Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to S-K’s Mini Wobble Ratchet

  1. eschoendorff says:

    I rarely use air ratchets… but I would be very curious to hear how this particular tool works out for someone in a real-world situation who uses their tools to make their living.

    An interesting concept indeed…

  2. ambush27 says:

    I would imagine a 1/4 inch ratchet would be smaller still, but a 3/8 is definitely more versatile, a lot of guys use a cordless drill because the speed is faster. For the home user hand tools are adequate most of the time. I rarely find myself using air tools at home, grab a beer take your time and enjoy the project(unless your wife really needs her car tomorrow).

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