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Left Hand Calipers

If you’re a left-hander, do you feel awkward using a right-handed caliper? No longer do you have to struggle with right-handed calipers — Grizzly sells this 6″ left-hand digital caliper for $30.

The caliper reads in either inches or millimeters with 0.0005″ resolution, and it measures accurately to ±0.001″. Like most digital calipers, changing units converts between inches and metric measurements.

Grizzly includes a fitted case and battery with the caliper.

Left-Hand Caliper
Via Amazon(B000XXLV4I) [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


One Response to A Caliper For Southpaws

  1. Blore40 says:

    Is it available in the Leftorium?

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